Introduction To Miami Coolsculpting For Fat Loss

Coolsculpting is the new way to get rid of unwanted body fat, its completely non-invasive, totally safe and incredibly effective. The procedure works by freezing excess fat cells, causing them to die, the immune system then send enzymes to break these cell down, they are then naturally expelled from the body. Exposing fat cells to extreme cold has been found to alter the way they work, making it possible to alter the contour of the body, although Coolsculpting in miami is not suitable for large areas, it can achieve very good results in smaller problem areas of fat.

How it is Done

During the Coolsculpting process and applicator connected to a hose is applied to the area that requires treatment, the hose then delivers coldness through the applicator. The skin being treat will be pulled up between two panels by the applicator, this panel each contain around 6,000 sensors that release coolsculpting miami

In the beginning the treatment will cause feelings of intense cold and perhaps aching, tingling or stinging. These feelings will subside as the treatment progresses as the area becomes numb.

The applicator will then be left on the skin for around an hour so it can work effectively. The practitioner will then remove the device and massage the skin for a while until the blood circulation is restored to normal. The treated area may feel slightly sore and tender or be different in colour, these effects will disappear quickly.

Side Effects

Most people don’t experience and side effects and are able to return to their daily activities after receiving treatment

After Coolsculpting treatment has been used the fat cells in the area treated are killed off forever, meaning if any weight that is gained in the future will only appear in untreated areas.

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